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Simply me being me?


絵の世界へようこそ。 | By:はとり
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希望はどこに? | By:NEKO♨@真·提督無双

せらむん by 生チョコ on pixiv

さようなら | こけもずく [pixiv]

※Permission to upload was granted by artist. 
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Never Forget by cartoongirl7 on deviantART on We Heart It.

Any body else play the ‘Interactive Teaser’ P.T. on PS4? No spoilers for those that haven’t seen the ending… but there just seems to be no ABSOLUTE way to get the damn ending.
EDIT: I just wanna say thanks to everyone who is reblogging and liking this small comic. I also want to Add that even though my wife and I were frustrated, I absolutely love this playable teaser and look forward to whatever Kojima and Del Torro decide to do with the series. :)